Galeazzo | Type XV One Handed Sword

“Galeazzo” Type XV One handed Sword made us face some new challenges, above all the embossed and chiseled steel chape. Chiseling steel is really harder than working on non ferrous metals or mild iron.

The design is based on Estorre Visconti’s sword preserved in Museo e Tesoro del Duomo (Monza, Italy), specifically regarding blade, guard and grip, whereas the pommel is taken from several period swords. Its name “Galeazzo” is dedicated to the famous Galeazzo Cattaneo da Mantoa, Gonzaga of Mantua family’s cadet son and disciple of the well known master-at-arms Fiore dei Liberi di Premariacco. Galeazzo became popular for his deeds of arms, fighting in service of Milan and Venice, and duelling in 1395 in Padua against the French Marshal Jehan le Meingre, called Boucicaut. 

The scabbard’s design is dated to the first half of XV century. Hand carved wooden core covered by premium vegetable tanned tuscan leather dyed by hand. The buckles are by the historical goldsmith Il Gatto E La Volpe, instead the scabbard’s chape has been made in our smithy. Galeazzo is crafted with thickened or rounded tip and 1,5-1mm edges.

Galeazzo | Type XV | Spada a due mani 3


Product Name:  “Galeazzo”;

Source:  Museo e Tesoro del Duomo (Monza, Italy);

Blade Typology:  XV Oakeshott;

Overall Length: 87 cm;

Blade Length:  72 cm;

Max Blade Width:  5 cm;

Guard Width:  15 cm;

PoB:  7 cm from the guard;

CoP: 43 cm from the guard;

Weight:  1250 gr. c.a.;

Starting Price: every custom sword has its own price. Every commission has to be unique and precisely tailored to the customer, so this model has to be adapted to the request. This specific sword was sold for 732 €, 22% vat included; for EU resellers and extra EU customers vat is not calculated. Scabbard excluded.

Available Options [view the options clicking ORDER HERE]:

-Grip: iron or brass wire, leather in black, red, brown, green, ocher, blue.

-Tip: thickened or rounded


*Any variation to the specs listed above has to be agreed separately. Prices may change accordingly. Scabbard on request.