Sidesword | Narrow

The Sidesword “Narrow” has an improved design and flexibility compared to V1, and with the same attention to dynamic aspects. This sidesword is a sport version of the 16th century historical ones, simplified and designed specificly for HEMA. 

Spada da Lato | Narrow | Sidesword 2Specs

Product Name:  Sidesword Narrow;

Blade Typology: Diamond Section;

Overall Length:  102/105 cm c.a.;

Blade Lenght:  92/95 cm c.a.;

Blade Width: under the ricasso 2.4 cm;

Guard Width:  20/25 cm;

Grip Length: 8cm. 9 cm on request;

PoB:  5/8 cm from the base;

Weight::  990/1100 gr. c.a.;

Starting Price: 330€, +22% vat included.  For EU resellers and extra EU customers vat is not calculated;

Available Options:

-Pommel: Bulb, Fig, Disc G or Disc K, Faceted Sphere;

-Grip wrapping: A) Polypropilen cord in 12 colours. B) Leather (with surcharge) – black, red, brown, ocher, blue, green. C) Elegant (with surcharge) – leather + iron wire, iron wire.

-Guard: Simple or Special guard (with surcharge). Decorations and customisations on request;

-Guard options: Only finger rings, Finger rings + knuckle guard, Finger rings + knuckle guard + small port, Finger rings + knuckle guard + small port + big port, Finger rings + knuckle guard + double small port, finger rings + knuckle + guard double small port + big port;

-Grip: polypropilen cord in ten colors (designed for historical european martial arts) o in black, red, brown, green, yellow, blue Leather.