Teodolinda | Lombard Sword

Teodolinda Lombard Sword is based on a 7th century Spatha found in Sovizzo’s Necropoli, preserved today in Museo Archeologico Contrà S.ta Corona, Vicenza. Designed for its related study and practice. This sword is crafted with rounded tip and 1,5mm edge. Also available on request with a coherent wooden core scabbard. Bronze parts are made by Il Gatto e la Volpe Historical Jewelry Makers.


lombard sword longobarda Teodolinda 5



Blade Typology: Fullered broad blade

Hilt: Behmer Type 6

Overall Length: 85 cm

PoB: 19 from the guard

Weight: 796 gr.

Grip: Arctic Birch

Guard: Bronze & Bone

Other specs are not written due to the customer’s request.

Starting Price: Every custom sword has its own price. Every commission has to be unique and precisely tailored to the customer, so this model has to be adapted to the request.

 Available Options:

–  Parts made of hard wood, horn or bone depending on availability.

–  Scabbard on request.

*Any variation to the specs listed above has to be agreed separately. Prices may change accordingly.