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Malleus Martialis di Rodolfo Tanara

Was born in Florence in 2014 in a 20 mt.2 workshop in the District of Santo Spirito, from Rodolfo Tanara's hands, medicine ex-student and long-standing reenactor and fencer, to craft  historical blunt arms and cutlery. In 2015, the company moves to the green hills of Impruneta, near Florence, and Rodolfo meets Commander Sampo, a fluffy half alley cat and half housecat, who decides to adopt him. In 2017, dr. Eleonora Rebecchi, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, with experience in CAD design, joins the team.

Malleus Martialis works nowadays recovering an ancient art, whose tracks are in original findings, figurative and plastic art, illuminated manuscripts and in the ancient european swordmanship treatises, giving them a new function in our time.
Comparative study and design allow to craft quality blunts, intended for museum exhibition, re-enactment and Historical European Martials Arts: the concept planning depends on historical period as reference, from the design to the associated combat techniques.
For this reason, we choose to produce 3 collections, depending on the complexity of the detail and purpose.

Basic Collection: Entry-level blunt arms for re-enactment and practice, with simplified details to keep costs affordable.
Sport Collection: Entry-level HEMA blunt arms, flexible blades with thickened or folded point.

Armerìa Collection: Faithful blunt reproductions based on period references and suited on request to the customer. The blunt edge is rounded to 1mm.

All our arms are blunt and with rounded point. [Read more]

We craft also historical cutlery and work tools, for example leateherworking blades, always handmade.

Filippo UK
Just received my custom piece and I can tell that it was the best sword I've ever handled. Light, fast, agile and beautifully proportioned as well as being absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for Flos Duellatorum, it moves like an extension of my arms used both with one and two hands. There is absolutely NOTHING that could have been done better and I'm extremely proud to possess this unique piece. As an Italian myself, I'm proud to see Italian smithing art being always more present in the HEMA community, and it is all thanks to Rodolfo and his team at Malleus Martialis.
Tim France
I was looking for a practice sidesword suited to practice bolognese swordsmanship.I'm 100% satisfied with the work of Mr Tanara.The weapon has a good construction, great balance and a very nice finish. It behaves very well in sparring and drills after some weeks of testing. Futhermore, my experience with the communication and the customer service was very good. I totally recommend Malleus Martialis if you're looking for a sidesword.
Sebastian Italy
Disponibile, preparato, abile, competitivo. Serve qualcos'altro per gettarsi a comprare le sue armi?
Salvatore Italy
Malleus mi ha piacevolmente impressionato! Sapevo che erano bravi,ma non del tutto finché non ho avuto tra le mani la mia commissione. Da "collega" posso apprezzare infinitamente il lavoro che hanno svolto sulla mia lama Rodolfo e Eleonora, non trovando nessuna pecca ma solo pregi. In loro, ho conosciuto dei professionisti unici, delle splendide persone ricche di umanità, passione e competenza, felice di avervi stretto questa nuova amicizia.
Isacco Italy
I bought a basic XIV century two handed sword a few days ago, a really good piece, I’m really amazed when I use it, it is very light and totally different from other swords that don’t handle this way at all! Thanks...I think that everyone in searching of a good, beautiful and functional sword should take in consideration to choose this maker!!!! My vote? A+++!


Because we're a young company who makes its job with a deep passion. In an affordable market, we take care about research and details building every project on collected original data. When you deal with a blunt weapon, compromises are heavy, considering the primary function today. Keeping the original soul alive is our aim.


Malleus Martialis is creating a database based on museum sources, documents and iconographies that allows to work in full knowledge of the facts. The data concerns both forms and construction methods.
We select and compare sources, defining together the purpose of use. We follow the principle of historical coherence, even for non-strictly findings-related pieces.
Respecting proportions and geometries, through the analysis of the dynamic ratio between masses, we draw a 1:1 scale model to establish times and costs.
We follow the principles of faithfulness and functionality, both for entry-level pieces and deluxe & custom ones: we don't consider the sword as an interiors decorative element but as a practice and collectible tool.
Our blades are crafted by hand and heat treated by a highly specialised company.  All the blades have a hot-peened tang passing through the pommel and without weldings. We strictly select materials to have a reliable product, starting from our high carbon chrome vanadium steel, that comes always with its casting data, up to hard woods and vegetable tanned tuscan leather.
All the products have 1 year guarantee, excluding the blades that have been modified by the customer. Return shipping costs are at the customer's expense,