Arms’ Italian Legislation

Following Italian laws (Art. 45 della legge del 18.6.1931 n° 773 (G.U. 26.6.1940 n° 149, approvato con R.D. 6 maggio 1940, n° 635; G.U. 26-6-1940, n° 149 Suppl. ord.; art.5 della legge n° 36 del 21.02.1990), our products aim NEVER to offend,  because they’re edgeless and pointless, intended for exhibhit, stage or sport.  We don’t craft sharp arms, only eating knives and work tools; italian law forbids the bladesmith without authorisations to produce sharps. Authorisations are difficult to achieve because nobody makes swords no more and a strict burocracy doesn’t make the matter easy. 
If a customer wants to sharpen his sword after the sale, Malleus Martialis is not responsible of such modifications and guarantee becomes invalid.