Galeazzo | Type XV | Spada a due mani 12

Galeazzo | Type XV One Handed Sword

“Galeazzo” Type XV One handed Sword made us face some new challenges, above all the embossed and chiseled steel chape. Chiseling steel is really harder than working on non ferrous metals or mild iron. The design is based on Estorre Visconti’s sword preserved in Museo e Tesoro del Duomo (Monza, Italy), specifically regarding blade, guard and grip,
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Buonarroto Type XV 11

Buonarroto | One Handed Sword Type XV

The “Buonarroto” One Handed Sword was originally crafted by an Ignoto Spadaio (literally ‘unknown swordmaker’) for Bonarroto Bonarroti, Parte Guelfa’s Gonfaloniere in Florence in 1392. In our reproduction the silver inlay of Popolo’s coat of arms (red cross on white field) was replaced by an enameled inlay and the Bonarroto’s coat of arms on the
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La Gioiosa | Type XV 3

La Gioiosa | A.460 One Handed Sword

The One Handed Sword “La Gioiosa” is based on the Wallace Collection of London inv. A.460‘s magnificent specimen dated between 1350 and 1400 a.C. Oakeshott describes the original blade’s profile could be a Type XVIII, but the probable restorations left a Type XV. In the A.460 also the grip was replaced and that’s why our reconstruction
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Due Mani | Fior di Battaglia XVa 2

Fior di Battaglia | Two Handed Sword | XVa

The “Fior di Battaglia” Two Handed Sword is inspired by Royal Armouries inv. IX.1106, found in Lake Constance and dated about 1365. This sword type is archetypical when you think about a XIV-XV century sword. Our reproduction differs for the shape of the pommel that in the original one is quite more concave, but the
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