Baselarda | Entry Level

Baselard | Entry Level

The Baselard, single or double-edged, with the typical H grip structure, ruled the entire XIV century.  “Hardly a picture painted between about 1300 and 1420 is without one visible somewhere. Ewart Oakeshott.  The Entry-Level Baselard is crafted with a 1.5 edge and a not-thickened rounded tip. Also available its plain or decorated sheath on request and with
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Two Handed Sword | Entry Level XVa 6

Two Handed Sword | Entry Level XVa

This Entry Level Type XVa Two Handed Sword is based on Oakeshott Type XVa estocs, common between the half  if 1300 and the half of 1400. This sword is crafted with thickened tip and 2/1,5mm edge and inspired by period findings and iconographies.                            
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Spada a Due Mani | Entry Level | Type XVIIIb

Two Handed Sword | Entry Level XVIIIb

The “Entry Level XVIIIb” was designed on Oakeshott Type XVIIIb, inspired by original specimen dated 1450 -1520. These blades have an acute and slender profile and saw widespead use in Germany, in fact the great artist Albrecht Dürer depicts many of these swords in his works and in his famous Fechtbuch. The XVIIIb Two Handed
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Spada a Una Mano | Entry Level | Type XV 3

One Handed Sword | Entry Level XV

The “Entry Level XV” One Handed Sword is designed on Oakeshott Type XV, common from mid 1300 and the whole 1400, extending with its proper hilts to the mid 1500. This blade has an extreme triangular profile taper and a diamond section. The “Entry Level XV” is crafted with thickened or rounded tip and 2/1,5mm
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Una Mano XIV entry level

One Handed Sword | Entry Level Type XIV

This one handed sword is based on type XIV models between the half of ‘200 and the half of ‘300. Designed for sword and buckler practice but not flexible, this one handed sword type XIV is crafted with thickened tip and 2/1,5mm edge. The sword is inspired by period findings and iconographies.           
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daga a rondelle basic

Rondel Dagger | Entry Level

Typical XIV-XV centuries rondel dagger. Designed for its related study and practice. This rondel dagger often appears in the ancient XIV-XV century fencing treatises. This rondel dagger is crafted with rounded tip and 1,5mm edge inspired by period findings and iconographies. It is also available with a cuir-bouilli and wax treated scabbard.               
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Falcione XIV sec. "A"

St.Liutger | 14th c. Falchion

St.Liutger Falchion is taken from several Italian, German and French manuscripts and findings from XIII century to XVI. The product name is taken from a Heidelberg manuscript dated 1419 where this falchion is depicted in the martyrdom of St.Leodegarius, bishop of Autun (France) in the VII century. Specs   Product name:  St. Liutger Blade Typology:  Type 1a
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