Baselarda | Entry Level

Baselard | Entry Level

The Baselard, single or double-edged, with the typical H grip structure, ruled the entire XIV century.  “Hardly a picture painted between about 1300 and 1420 is without one visible somewhere. Ewart Oakeshott.  The Entry-Level Baselard is crafted with a 1.5 edge and a not-thickened rounded tip. Also available its plain or decorated sheath on request and with
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daga a rondelle basic

Rondel Dagger | Entry Level

Typical XIV-XV centuries rondel dagger. Designed for its related study and practice. This rondel dagger often appears in the ancient XIV-XV century fencing treatises. This rondel dagger is crafted with rounded tip and 1,5mm edge inspired by period findings and iconographies. It is also available with a cuir-bouilli and wax treated scabbard.               
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