Spada a Una Mano | Entry Level | Type XV 3

One Handed Sword | Entry Level XV

The “Entry Level XV” One Handed Sword is designed on Oakeshott Type XV, common from mid 1300 and the whole 1400, extending with its proper hilts to the mid 1500. This blade has an extreme triangular profile taper and a diamond section. The “Entry Level XV” is crafted with thickened or rounded tip and 2/1,5mm
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Una Mano XIV entry level

One Handed Sword | Entry Level Type XIV

This one handed sword is based on type XIV models between the half of ‘200 and the half of ‘300. Designed for sword and buckler practice but not flexible, this one handed sword type XIV is crafted with thickened tip and 2/1,5mm edge. The sword is inspired by period findings and iconographies.           
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