Two Handed Sword | Entry Level XVa 6

Two Handed Sword | Entry Level XVa

This Entry Level Type XVa Two Handed Sword is based on Oakeshott Type XVa estocs, common between the half  if 1300 and the half of 1400. This sword is crafted with thickened tip and 2/1,5mm edge and inspired by period findings and iconographies.                            
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Spada a Due Mani | Entry Level | Type XVIIIb

Two Handed Sword | Entry Level XVIIIb

The “Entry Level XVIIIb” was designed on Oakeshott Type XVIIIb, inspired by original specimen dated 1450 -1520. These blades have an acute and slender profile and saw widespead use in Germany, in fact the great artist Albrecht Dürer depicts many of these swords in his works and in his famous Fechtbuch. The XVIIIb Two Handed
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