Spada da Lato | Narrow | Sidesword 7

Sidesword | Narrow

The Sidesword “Narrow” has an improved design and flexibility compared to V1, and with the same attention to dynamic aspects. This sidesword is a sport version of the 16th century historical ones, simplified and designed specificly for HEMA.  Specs Product Name:  Sidesword Narrow; Blade Typology: Diamond Section; Overall Length:  102/105 cm c.a.; Blade Lenght:  92/95
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Custom HEMA Two Handed Sword Regina 5

Regina | Marozzo Two Handed Sword

The “Regina” Two Handed sword is inspired by the first half of 16th century Italian Two Handed Swords, like the one used by the master Achille Marozzo Bolognese in “Opera Nova – dell’Arte dell’Armi” . This sword has three fullers and an acquaforte etching in the central fuller on both sides, made on commission. “Regina”
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Targa Sport Collection

Targa Rinascimentale | Achille

“Achille” Renaissance Targa is specificly designed for HEMA. This is also a simplified reproduction whose qualities are lightness, form and measures. The Targa’s curves and the form of the handle are inspired from the originals. Some scratches on the steel depend on the working process, that don’t affect the quality of the product but keep
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Sport | Brocchiere Standard Buckler 2

Standard Buckler

The Standard Buckler has a clean and light design. The cup is not completely spherical to work better during impact and swordplay. With its 1000 gr. it is perfectly balanced with your like-steel waisters and blunt weapons. It is inspired by period findings and iconographies. The signs on the steel depend on the working process and doesn’t affect the quality of
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Sport | Brocchiere Pro Buckler 3

Pro Buckler

The Pro Buckler was created with a special steel, used to give him the perfect performance against steel impacts, without being excessively heavy.  This Buckler is designed to be light and balanced with the blunt weapons used during practice. The signs on the steel depend on the working process and doesn’t affect the quality of the product, but limits its
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