Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is my blade made?

Your blade is done both with old and new methods. If our ancestor smiths have had our technology, do you really think that they wouldn’t have used it? We have to think this work as something evolving, museums are made to preserve treasures, our smithy is alive and re-discovers memory.  For the blades, we use harmonic high carbon chrome vanadium steel, heat-treated to 50-54 HRC by a highly specialised partner company. Sometimes forged, more often grinded to the final shape, blades are worked by hand. Pommels can be made of iron, bronze or brass and can be enameled or silver and gold plated. Details, such as inlays, could be made also with copper, brass, bronze, silver or gold. The custom piece, which can have a hand crafted scabbard with wooden core and leather or textile covering too, can be a jewelry work, as on request we can use noble metals, hard stones, inlays, etching and enameling. 

2. What is the difference between a standard and a custom piece?

The difference between a standard or custom sword is in the details. Standard swords have default options, if these options are replaced by a particular request, then we consider it custom. 

3. Can I order a sharp sword?

The answer is no. Here in Italy, the procedure to craft sharp swords is very complicated, and it needs the authorisation from the Prefecture and the Police Commissioner. Following Italian laws (Art. 45 della legge del 18.6.1931 n° 773 (G.U. 26.6.1940 n° 149, approvato con R.D. 6 maggio 1940, n° 635; G.U. 26-6-1940, n° 149 Suppl. ord.; art.5 della legge n° 36 del 21.02.1990), our products aim NEVER to offendas they’re edgeless and pointless, intended for exhibhition, stage or sport. We don’t craft sharp arms, only eating knives and work tools.  Authorisations are difficult to achieve because nowadays nobody makes swords anymore and a strict burocracy doesn’t make this matter easy.  If a customer wants to sharpen his/her sword, we’re not responsible of such modifications after the delivery.

4. Can I have a light, durable and cheap sword?

All swords have a life-cycle, and respecting ancient anatomies, they must be used in the correct way to last. A sword can be light and durable, but not necessarily cheap. We have partially solved this great paradox with our Basic and Sport collections. By the way, a  150cm sword will never weigh 1500 grams, and a 1500 grams original specimen’s reproduction won’t be equal or less most of the times. Our products, from the simpliest to the more complex, respect coeherent dynamic proportions, but in the Armeria Collection we put our finest know-how, designing our most accurate reproductions, including thickness, measures and weights of  cross, pommel and blade.

5. How does payment work?

After having discussed your order, we accept bank transfer, Paypal or Tranferwise. Except for bucklers and targas, that are ready in a few weeks, for the other products we ask for the 30% of the full amount. [For further info click here]

6. How does shipping work?

Shipping is managed with international express couriers, worldwide. Costs vary very widely depending on the dimensions of the packaging and destination. For the US, we only use UPS couriers.

7. How is your price range?

Prices vary very much, depending on a basic or a custom order. Basic and sport products can vary a little from year to year. Armerìa collection’s products are completely custom. Please, feel free to ask. 

8. Can I review your products?

Of course you can! You must! Feedbacks are the best way to improve. But if you are not happy about your sword, please speak with us before, we are always at your disposal to solve issues. Rate us on our Facebook page, publish blog posts, make videos, everything is very welcome.

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