Ordinare: Basic Collection – Rondel Daggers


A) Symmetrical • B) Asymmetrical

daga a rondelle basic
daga a rondelle basic 6


Blade Typology: One-edged triangular section
Overall Length: 45-50 cm
Blade Length: 30 cm c.a.
Max Blade Width:  2,5 cM
Guard width: 5 cm
PoB: at the base
Weight: 500 gr. c.a.
Starting Price: 130,00 €, 22% vat included; for EU resellers and extra UE customers vat is not calculated;


The Rondels are 6mm thick. You can combine two different types too.
A) Rounded • B) Octagonal • C) Flower shaped

daga a rondelle basic 5


1. Hard woods have seasonal availability. Types A,B,C, are the finest; Types D,E,F are more common.
Other particular, historically accurate woods can be ordered on request.
A) Cherry wood [+30,00€ without VAT]
B) Walnut wood [+30,00€ without VAT]
C)Box wood [+50,00€ without VAT]
D) Chestnut wood [-]
E) Oak wood [-]
F) Beech wood
2. Iron wire [+30,00 € without VAT]]


A) Button of different shapes (flower, frustum of pyramid, etc.)
[Price changes depending on the complexity of the work and material]
B) Hand sewn and hand dyed cuir bouilli sheath [Starting from 60,00 €without VAT]
C) Sheath chape [starting from +50,00 without VAT]
D) Sheath decorations based on period findings
[Price changes depending on the complexity of the work]

daga a rondelle basic 4


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