Order: Basic Collection – One Handed Swords


1. XV Oakeshott
2. XIV Oakeshott

Spada a Una Mano | Entry Level | Type XV 5
Una Mano XIV entry level


Blade Typology: XV Oakeshott or XIV Oakeshott
Overall Length:  XV - 89-90 cm - / XIV: 95cm c.a.  It's possible to make it shorter on request.
Blade Length: XV - 73  c.a. / XIV - 81 cm c.a.;
Grip Length:: 18-20 cm;

Blade width:  XV - 4,5 cm al forte / XIV - 5,8 cm; 
Guard width:  20 cm;
PoB:  XV - 5-8 cm dal forte c.a.; XIV - 18 cm  dal forte c.a.
Weight: XV - 1200 - 1300 gr. c.a. / XIV: 1150/1200 gr. c.a.;
PStarting Price: XV - 366 € 22% VAT included; XIV: 488 € 22% VAT included;for EU resellers and extra UE customers vat is not calculated 


Type XV: A) Disc K B) Disc I C) T5 Faceted Pear
Type XIV: A) Disc K B) Disc I

pomo a disco K


A. Straight - Oakeshott Type 2
(example with two finger rings in the photo, available with only one finger ring too - each ring is 30,00 € VAT excluded)  
B. Oakeshott Type 8 bent, Oakeshott Type 8 straight  
(Available with one or two finger rings  too - each ring is 30,00 € VAT excluded)
  C. Oakeshott Type 7.


Genuine Tuscan Leather:
A) Black B) Red C) Brown D)Ocher E)Blue F)Green


Chape: Cuir-boulli on request for a surcharge. Forms, decorations and colours to the taste of the customer. The price is custom.


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